Prescription Renewal

Renewing your prescription medication at Coddington Medical Family Practice is designed to be a smooth and efficient process, which includes several possible methods of renewal:

  1. Call your pharmacy and notify them of your prescription needs, and they will contact us directly.
  2. Renew online – go to our Patient Portal and follow the instructions.

There are a couple things to remember during prescription renewal which will help make the process precise and fast:

  1. Please renew or request your renewal 24 hours in advance. Refills can take up to 48 hours to be processed electronically.
  2. Schedule Two medications, or those that require a written prescription, are sent electronically to the pharmacy. Schedule Two medication refills may be requested up to two days in advance.
  3. Scheduled medications, such as pain, anxiety or ADHD medications may require a provider visit every 3-6 months.
  4. All prescriptions require an annual provider visit to ensure correct usage, dosage and review of side effects unless specifically arranged with our providers. We will always strive to make your renewal appointments convenient and timely.
  5. We do NOT replace lost, missing. misplaced or stolen medications. Please take care with your medications, and make sure to use and store them properly.
  6. Some medications may require a special patient/provider contract. Please see us for more information related to this.
  7. We will strive to use the most cost-effective prescriptions for your needs, including generics when appropriate and giving you a 90 day supply, if possible.

We believe in making your prescription renewals an entirely manageable process – and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Please see our Policy Page for further information on your prescriptions and the best ways to manage them.